The Challenger Learning Center at SC4, located in SC4’s Experience Center, is part of Challenger Center’s network of Challenger Learning Centers. It is one of 40 Challenger Learning Centers nationwide and the only one in Michigan. It uses space-themed, simulated learning and role-playing strategies to help learners bring classroom and real-world studies to life and cultivate skills needed for future success, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and teamwork.

The Challenger Learning Center at SC4 is open to learners in 3rd grade and beyond, including students, educators, businesses and corporations, community residents and more.

Missions can be booked as half-day experiences (min. 18 guests/max. 34 guests) and full-day (min. 35 guests/max. 68 guests) experiences. A full-day experience may also be booked to include time in the Challenger Learning Center and STEM exploration time in the College’s Experience Center. 

Mission times can be flexible to suit participant and transportation needs. Once booked, it is imperative you are prompt to your arrival time, to guarantee you can receive your full immersive experience.

Content varies by mission, however, all missions take place in fully immersive Briefing, Transport, Space Station and Mission Control rooms. 

Group members are assigned to or apply for STEM-based roles on teams such as geology, medical, life support, communications, rover, navigation, biology, weather and robotics.

To learn more about current missions offered, visit challenger.sc4.edu/visit/. 

Prices start at $775 per mission (min. 18 guests). Schools that qualify for free and reduced lunches may receive 50 percent off the cost of a visit to the Experience Center and the Challenger Learning Center at SC4 while funds are available. Additional scholarships may be available. Summer Camp costs may vary. 

Scholarship opportunities may be available from time to time thanks to the generosity of our donors. Fill out challenger.sc4.edu/schedule-a-visit/ to inquire and learn more.

Missions can be booked as half-day experiences (min. 18 guests/max. 34 guests) and full-day (min. 35 guests/max. 68 guests) experiences. A full-day experience may also include time in the Challenger Learning Center and STEM exploration time booked in the College’s Experience Center.

You will still be charged for the full mission experience and are welcome to participate provided you have at least the minimum number of guests and no more than mission maximum. Please note the cancellation policy below should you need to cancel your reservation.  

Full refunds are provided if cancellations are made at least 30 days in advance of visit. No refunds will be given after that time. However, trips may be rescheduled if request is made in writing to experiencecenter@sc4.edu more than 48 hours in advance of arrival time. 

The Challenger Learning Center at SC4 integrates core resource materials from Challenger Center and NASA. The curriculum is aligned to meet national education standards.

All are welcome to participate in Challenger Learning Center missions and activities. The facility and curriculum are designed to meet needs and additional accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis. 

Prior to your mission, a pre-mission briefing will be sent to you that includes engagement activities to prepare participants for what to expect during the in-person simulation.

To register your group for an in-person simulation mission, complete the online registration form. A Challenger Learning Center representative will be in touch with you to confirm mission details and scheduling information. Hurry, space is limited! 😉

Today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators. But too many lose interest in crucial subjects like science, technology, engineering and math at an early age. This limits their opportunities in life and their career options in a global economy. To succeed in a rapidly changing world, students and learners of all ages need exposure to a variety of fields, chances to work with their peers in real-world scenarios, and experiences that open their eyes to new possibilities for the future. 

To support STEM education, exploration and engagement at SC4, visit sc4.edu/give.

To support STEM education, exploration and engagement at SC4, visit sc4.edu/give.

For more information, contact us at experiencecenter@sc4.edu.

Yes, check challenger.sc4.edu often for details and information.

Sign up to receive updates at challenger.sc4.edu/sign-up-for-updates/.

Contact us directly at experiencecenter@sc4.edu or (810) 989-5789.

The Challenger Learning Center at SC4 is located inside the Experience Center in St. Clair County Community College’s Clara E. Mackenzie Building in Port Huron, Mich. Visit sc4.edu/about/maps-and-directions/ for maps and directions. 

SC4 has more than 950 free parking spots for students, employees and visitors in our main College Center lot, Theisen lot and the Erie Street lot. No permits are required. 

There also are city-owned lots to the east of the college campus that may require a parking fee. 

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