Businesses and Corporations

The Challenger Learning Center at SC4 – the only Challenger Learning Center in Michigan – offers out-of-this-world experiences for businesses and corporations. The space-themed simulation-based experiences are led by trained Flight Directors and take place in a fully immersive Space Station and Mission Control.

Surrounded by technology, each crew member plays a unique role in the mission as the team completes assignments, manipulates hands-on labs and copes with simulated emergencies. Teamwork is crucial, if one member fails to complete a job, the entire mission can be put at risk. This differentiated approach allows for a truly personalized learning experience where crew members apply critical, scientific knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Informed by real science data, Center Missions introduce crew members to STEM careers, build important 21st-century skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration, and ignite a passion for learning.

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Build communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills. 

Deepen your understanding and knowledge of essential STEM topics and careers. 

Ignite a passion for learning and release the scientist within!