Advocates and testimonials

“This was STEM in real life! My students were engaged, motivated and thrilled… I saw teamwork, communication, cooperation. They were so excited. They want to come back and we haven’t even left yet. Best. Field trip. Ever. “

Jessica Roth
Teacher, Ubly Schools

“This was a fantastic opportunity for our students. They got to learn teamwork, STEM skills, and a lot of things we’re currently covering in our space unit… I’m over the moon.”

Jeremy Kirkham
Teacher, Laker Elementary

“…By far, it was the best experience we’ve ever had on a field trip. I have not seen our fourth- and fifth-graders so excited in a very long time. They did so much mathematical thinking and teamwork today. I would highly recommend this field trip for anybody.”

Stephanie Brining
Teachers, North Huron Schools

“My students are so engaged in the science learning that’s happening on the space shuttle and in mission control… It’s just amazing how self-motivated the students are to problem solve and work together in such an engaging way. We’re seeing skills that we knew they had but that we don’t typically see every day in the classroom.”

Kate Essian and Kelly Archer
Teachers, Marysville Public Schools

“It was phenomenal. The students were engaged. The staff was amazing, and amazingly patient with all our students. And the students enjoyed every aspect of their mission.”

Dawn Pleiness,
Teacher, Harbor Beach Community Schools

“I teach some middle school but I teach a lot of high school. What was really interesting was that there were a lot of curriculum-based things that the kids will see later on in high school that they’re experiencing here already… This has just been a great experience. Keeping a bunch of 7th graders entertained at this time of the year was hard to do but they did a great job. I suggest everybody come and visit the center here.”

Chris Viney
Teacher, Algonac JR/SR High School

“It was a very good experience. The kids all enjoyed themselves. Very educational. Lots to see and do!”

Steve Mosherurt
6th grade parent/chaperone, Deckerville Elementary School

“We came with our staff to work on teamwork skills. We had a great time. We worked together on our teamwork and communication skills and it was a lot of fun!”

Curt Stankovic, MD
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician, Children’s Hospital of Michigan

“Our sixth graders had the best experience! Our kids did really difficult STEM activities that they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise, and they rose to challenges.”

Kirstin Stoeckle
Director, Detroit Achievement Academy

“The students were really excited about the teamwork and the collaborative effort they had to put on display to have a successful mission.”

Mazen Youssef
6th Grade Teacher, Detroit Achievement Academy

“I saw a lot of engagement with my students, a lot of excitement… Some kids who rarely speak were putting themselves out there, communicating with their classmates, working very hard to accomplish a team goal.”

Geoff Nitterhouse
5th Grade Teacher, Anchor Bay Public Schools

“These kids are working hands-on, experiencing things they’ve never experienced anywhere else. If you get a chance, make sure you come out and experience it because your kids will never forget it.”

Steve Churchill
5th Grade Teacher, Yale Public Schools

“It was awesome! The kids loved it and were very engaged.”

Lisa Schatzberg
6th and 7th Grade ELA Teacher, Cros-Lex Schools

“This will be a tremendous resource to inspire students in STEM education and countless choices for their careers… It’s a significant win for the state of Michigan as well. It will further strengthen our unmatched talent pipeline in the country.”

Tony Vernaci
President, Aerospace Industry Association of Michigan

“North Branch Area Schools will be bringing students in early June. I would like to expose as many students as possible to the Challenger Learning Center, starting next year. SC4 and everyone associated with the Challenger Learning Center have exceeded expectations in making this project become a reality.”

James D. Fish
North Branch Area Schools Superintendent

“My 14-year-old plans to be an astrophysicist, and he attended the summer space camp. He had the best time, and said this was so much fun! He wants to come back again this summer. Everyone should definitely check it out.”

Crystal Briskey,

“I am thrilled about the opportunities this center is going to provide for our students to engage in hands-on STEM experiences that are embedded in authentic (and exciting!) experiences. Exploring space sparks the imagination of both youth and adults — having a connection to explore these different careers and applications of content in such an immersive way will be transformative for kids, teachers and parents. “

Dr. Sarah Keenan-Lechel, Ph.D.
MiSTEM Network Regional Director
Henry G. Reichle Jr, PhD, SC4 Alumnus
Retired NASA Senior Research Scientist

“We live in a world of information overload, much of it involving science and technology. The Challenger Learning Center will not only provide inspiration for STEM students to continue to develop their professional skills, but also it will inspire non-STEM students to explore science to a depth that will allow them to discriminate between real scientific information and specious ‘scientific information.’ The ability to make this distinction will be of real personal and societal importance as they make day to day life decisions.”

Henry G. Reichle Jr., Ph.D., SC4 alumnus
Retired NASA Senior Research Scientist

“Our day-to-day world integrates technology and science into our everyday lives at increasing rates every year. For that reason and many others, providing young Americans with the opportunity to experience real-world science and technology provides lifelong benefits.

That’s why Texas State Technical College hosts two Challenger Learning Centers. They are a place that inspires our youth and emboldens their imagination. Centers ignite the potential by providing the skills for success in an increasingly technical world.

Thanks to SC4, the students in Michigan will have these benefits, too!”

Mike Reeser
Texas State Technical College, Chancellor & CEO

“The Challenger project within SC4’s walls will be the pride of the community,” he said. “It’s the first of its kind in Port Huron and the only one in Michigan. SC4 students and the community will have the resources and tools to be prodigious!”

Don Caluya, SC4 alumnus, currently pursuing master’s degree
Current employee of The Boeing Company and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Matt Ruiz, Blue Water Middle College director

“The Challenger Learning Center at SC4 will provide state-of-the-art educational experiences to all students in the region and will create awareness of many new career fields. It will certainly inspire students of all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels to consider a career in STEM or other related fields.”

Matt Ruiz
Blue Water Middle College Director

“The Challenger Learning Center at SC4 is a unique opportunity for students to engage like scientists as they explore STEM through the wonder of space. This asset to the community focuses not only on subject area learning, but also immerses students in 21st century skills of teamwork and collaboration. SC4’s leadership in bringing The Challenger Learning Center to the community shows their commitment and dedication to enhancing STEM literacy for all students.”

Kathy Surd, Ed.S.
MiSTEM Network Project Coordinator
Former President of the Michigan Mathematics and Science Centers Network
Robert G. Sargent, SC4 alumnus
Professor Emeritus at Syracuse University

“There’s a great and growing need for STEM professionals in a wide variety of industries, service organizations such as health care, and government. The Challenger Learning Center at SC4, combined with the College’s programming offerings and transfer pathways, will provide Michigan and Ontario residents with a go-to place to learn more about STEM, explore and engage, and pursue career paths they may never have imagined possible.”

Robert G. Sargent, Ph.D., SC4 alumnus

Professor Emeritus at Syracuse University

Alumnus Robert Hilgendorf

“Career paths are often ordered by one special moment. I believe that moment for many students in our community, Southeastern Michigan and beyond will come as a result of the Challenger Learning Center. Generating excitement about STEM careers and education provides a pathway for our future… and that future starts with opportunities such as this. SC4 has always strived to prepare the next generation of STEM professionals and this is the perfect complement to that effort. What an awesome addition to SC4 and a huge win for our entire area.”  

Robert Hilgendorf, SC4 alumnus
NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) program participant

“SC4 is going to change lives by introducing youngsters to these STEM opportunities.”

Molly Kathleen McCoy
Director of Sales & Client Services, East Region
Priority Health

“Visiting the NASA Challenger Learning Center was fun because I had to mess with robot arms and it makes me want to be into robotics more. Now I want to join the robotics club in middle school.” 

Sara, 11 years old

“The NASA trip was–THE BEST FIELD TRIP–I ever had!”

Elena, 11 years old

“I did like when I was checking everything out. It was fun and also kinda tough. I’d never done anything like that in my life.”

Bryce, 12 years old